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How do I incorporate?

The first thing we do when incorporating is a “NUANS” search to make sure that the name you want  for your corporation is available. Assuming that the desired name is available, the next thing that we do is prepare and file Articles of Incorporation with Corporate Registry. The Articles specify things like the number and […]

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Disadvantages of incorporating

Incorporating is not always the right answer for every business. Here are some reasons you might consider not incorporating your business: Costs. There are costs for setting up the corporation in the first place, but there are also ongoing legal and accounting fees each year. Extra admin. The corporation creates extra administrative work as it […]

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Guy Raz’ New Book and Why We Love Entrepreneurs

It’s basically impossible to exaggerate the important of entrepreneurs. They bring originality and variety to our communities. They drive our economies. They’re passionate about what they do. There is something special about entrepreneurs. Earlier this week, Guy Raz, host of the NPR program “How I Built This” – a podcast about the greatest innovators, entrepreneurs, […]

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