Client Spotlight: Headlock Solutions

We have so many clients doing amazing things in their businesses and in the community. Each month, Allison takes a client for coffee to find out more about what they’re up to so we can share their story. This month she sat down with Cat McMechan from Headlock Solutions.

 Meet Cat McMechan! Cat is creative when it comes to solving problems and, like most small business owners, loves the excitement and lessons that problem solving brings. She is a diverse thinker and is always pushing the boundaries to find solutions and improve old-school ideas. The name “Headlock Solutions” is a tribute to her hardworking parents. They taught her every possible way to get out of a headlock, both in wrestling and in life. She told me “A headlock is the most frustrating thing to be caught in, but if you know what you’re doing you can always figure a way out!”

Having spent the last four years specializing in testing and solutions for treating microbes in water, she started to think that the cause of these issues could also be the same thing that might fix them. After a few months of research and discovery she created “Triple Suplex”, an entirely organic broth, containing various strains of microbes that consume the sour-causing microbes downhole and sweeten the well back up. The first trial was on two old and sour producing wells and was a huge success and after 12 months with only one application they still smell sweet and fresh!

Cat’s curiosities took her beyond oil and gas into the agricultural industry where Headlock’s creativity is being used for dust control, hoof health, fertilizers, and solutions that make standing water useable. She created Undertaker Dust Control to help construction sites and farms keep the dust down. With agricultural operations so close to farmers’ houses and crops, dust is a massive concern for them and their families. All producing companies and farmers are responsible for treating any unpaved roads around their operations. In the past they have done so with either water or, a blend of calcium chloride and water, neither of which are environmentally friendly – using all that water depletes aquafers to control dust on roads leaving less water for crops, and calcium chloride kills crops, damages vehicles and requires multiple re-applications). Headlock’s product is crop-friendly, animal-friendly, and people friendly, needs fewer applications, doesn’t require water, and has been successfully trialed throughout central Alberta. Undertaker Dust Control can be found around the City of Calgary’s major construction sites, meaning that with all the construction going on in our city the product is basically being used on basically every street corner in YYC!

Cat said “It’s hard to get people to stick their necks out to try something new. That’s where the network comes in and I’ve worked really hard to grow my web. With a few wins under my belt, the conversation and considerations are changing. It just takes one person to believe in you and I feel lucky to have the relationships that I do.” The fact that the oil and gas sector, and our provincial economy in general, isn’t exactly booming industry it once was, shows that her work ethic, products, and ability to sell are all amazing.

Cat has a passion for life, travel, the mountains, hockey and family. She is U of C women’s hockey team alumni, and recently was the assistant coach for the SAIT women’s hockey team. She currently runs the Women in Energy Hockey team which is formed by a group of women who play on various company teams (primarily consisting of men) within the industry. Not only has it been a powerful networking tool for her, but it has also been a great way to meet other women within the industry and break down the barriers.

We really have the best clients and love working with amazing people like Cat and her team!