How much does it cost to incorporate in Alberta?

The price to incorporate is made up of a few different parts, so when you’re looking at prices to incorporate, take all of these things into account – don’t just look at the “incorporation fee” that is listed since that usually just refers to the fee to file the Article sof Incorporation.

The first part of the price is the NUANS search to make sure that the name you want is available (usually around $50.)

The Corporate Registry charges a fee of $275 to file the Articles of Incorporation. Depending on how you incorporate, whether it was with a lawyer or through the registry, that person or agency that you use to incorporate will charge you a fee on top of that $275.

Remember that every corporation is legally required to have a minute book. so there will be a cost associated with somebody doing a minute book for you as well.

The “all-in” price for everything above will be between $1,000 to $1,700 (if it is done properly).