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We focus on tax planning for private corporations and their shareholders. We work closely with your accountant to create custom strategies to save you money, and this is one of our favourite things to do! Retaning hudson law to create a plan that’s right for you will provide you with more money in your account to save, invest, and spend, giving you more freedom to enjoy life!

A business can be bought or sold by the purchase and sale of shares or assets. There are tax advantages and disadvantages to both methods. Understanding the tax implications is essential to put you in the best possible strategic position, maximize exemptions and minimize tax.

There are several complex potential tax issues when buying or selling, so consulting a tax lawyer is critical.

Family trusts are used for estate, business, and tax planning. Trusts can be used to manage wealth and preserve assets for future generations.

Trusts have their own rules and often touch on all areas of law.

We have experience in all kinds of trusts. If you are considering a family trust or any other type of trust, we are here to offer advice and expertise.

Corporate reorganizations are often needed for legal reasons or tax purposes. They need to be carefully planned and executed to avoid triggering negative tax consequences.

An estate freeze is a reorganization to “freeze” the value of a corporation and allow future growth to be attributed to others, such as children or a family trust.

We do a shit ton of reorgs. Call us and we can do yours.