What in the WILL??! A small glimpse of what I experienced when re-doing my Will.

Oh my gosh you guys-I just filled out the Wills and Estates forms and let me tell you…that is not an easy thing to do. It only took me about 15 minutes (I helped Ben make the forms so already knew what it was asking) but I left a couple things blank because things got real.

It asks if I want my kids to get my Estate all at once or certain percentages at different ages. How do I choose at what age my kids receive my Estate when it’s over for me??

I actually feel sick.

It’s difficult because that’s not how it’s supposed to be. What I have in my mind is sort of this imperfectly perfect life where I grow old and gray with Benny by my side and we’re surrounded by love and family, and eventually grandkids. I’m sitting at work crying right now because I can’t handle the fact that I may or may not be around when my kids graduate, or get married, or have children of their own. Like, HELLO-they need me around! Or maybe it’s that I feel like I haven’t done enough or that I always need to be there for them. Have I taught them everything that’s important? Do they know how to be good people? I think so!?! Do they know how to properly load the dishwasher? Nope.

In my Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, Personal Directive I have Ben (surprise) as my main man for everything, but then choosing an alternate Executor, alternate Agent, and alternate Attorney is a whole other story. Who is going to know enough about me or love me enough to be able to make these decisions on my behalf if Ben isn’t around? I have no idea. I act like it’s no big deal for our clients to fill out the forms but man, it is tres difficile.

Choosing a guardian wasn’t that hard for me this time because it’s something that I’ve thought about with a great deal of love and respect, and nothing has really changed since my previous Will. I feel like my first and second choices are legit going to love my kids like their own. I think that was more difficult to think about when my kids were little. Now it’s the bigger picture and a realization that we are all so lucky to be here! The older and wiser I get, it has become much more clear that life can change in an instant. My youngest brother was in a snowboarding accident earlier this year and broke his neck in 2 places. That initial phone call is terrifying because of the shock and uncertainty of what’s to come. He’s recovering amazingly and still has the ability to walk and talk we feel so blessed. I continually think of the families of the Humbolt Broncos and my heart still aches for them.

This will be my second Will. My first one was done about 7 years ago when I was knee deep in little kids, and I didn’t really fill out anything or have to think about the tough questions. At that time Ben just asked me what I wanted and he handled the rest. At that time I didn’t even want to be his Executor because I didn’t know enough (or anything really) about Wills and Estates.

Now that I work at a law firm and have been more educated and have a lot more knowledge about Wills, Estates and Probate, I believe it’s actually really empowering to be able to decide now what you want for your children, business, and money. I mean-as difficult as it might be to write down someone’s name to raise your beautiful kids, don’t you want to be the one to choose instead of some random judge that doesn’t know you or your situation? I have seen things go terribly wrong and turn into lengthy drawn out fights from having a poorly written Will, or not having one at all. On the other hand, I have seen things turn out amazingly well for children and their extended family because of a mom or dad deciding to get a proper Will . #yourkidsWILLthankyou #WILLpower

Over and Out